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Energy Bites!

Für 20 Bällchen Zubereitungsdauer: 10 min Die genauen Arbeitsschritte für dieses Rezept findet ihr auch im Video ganz unten!    Zutaten: 3 EL Ahornsirup 4 EL Cashewmus/Mandelmus 50 g getrocknete Cranberries (ungesüßt!) 40 g Walnüsse 50 g Haferflocken 100 g Kokosett Zubereitung: Alle Zutaten…

Paleo Süßes vegan vegetarisch

Die rohen Schokoladeriegel

Serves: 8 Preparation time: 1 h As I already stated in one of my previous vegan posts, I have an ambivalent attitude when it comes to veganism. Even though I do not agree with everything it claims or stands for, I am absolutely confident…

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Der Rhabarbacrumble

Serves: 4 Last week I came across a list of fun facts about rhubarb. As there are some very weird and hilarious facts, I, on the one hand, want to share some of those with you and, on the other hand, I will show…