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Nachspeisen Süßes vegan

Vegane Schokoriegel

Serves: 8 Preparation time: 1 h As I already stated in one of my previous vegan posts, I have an ambivalent attitude when it comes to veganism. Even though I do not agree with everything it claims or stands for, I am absolutely confident…

Avocado und Yoghurt Torte mit Beeren und Schoko-Nuss-Boden
Nachspeisen Süßes vegan

Avocadokuchen mit Yoghurt

Serves: 6 Preparation time: 1 h & 8 h cooling time Since I am not much of a fancy patissier, I most of the time am not very eager to make plenty-layers-cakes or fondant-covered gateaus. Yesterday night after having one or two encouraging glasses…

Chia Frühstück
zum Frühstück

Chia-Müsli mit Joghurt & Banane

Serves: 1-2 Since those „overnight-oats“ became so freaking popular – which also kind of happened „over night“ ;) –  and flooded all social media channels for weeks, I decided to make my chia-version of it. Like all overnight-bowls, this again is very easy to…