Paleo Süßes vegan vegetarisch zum Frühstück

Der Minztee mit Mandel


Serves: 1


When you say the word almond milk out loud in front of members of the non-vegan population, you will most likely evoke a disgusted “ugh” or an angry “come on!” – even though most of those people might not even have tried it.

I do understand that many people are not the biggest fan of the trendy veganism – I do not have a clear position on it yet. As you can see from my recipes on the blog, I do eat meat, fish and eggs. For the simple reason that I undeniably love it and could never survive a single summer without a nice BBQ with steak, fish, homemade sausages or a beautiful shrimp and squid skewer.

What I unconditionally do approve of, is that our world’s population undoubtedly must cut back on its meat consumption or at least shift from consuming industrially produced meat (which is stuffed with all kinds of growth-hormones and antibiotics) to organic, regional meat and fish.

So I, on the one hand, buy meat or fish only from local farmers or trustworthy merchants. But also I squeeze in a “vegan day” twice or thrice a week.

But then again on each of those “vegan day”-mornings I have one huge problem: How will I drink my life-saving coffee? Due to my morning habits I only need a warm beverage (and no, an espresso does not count as a warm beverage) as soon as I get out of my bed – which, by the way, is waaaaay too cosy! For a while, I tried forcing myself to have coffee with almond milk instead of the usual raw milk from Upper-Austria’s happy cows – and it did not work out. I just don’t like the combination – there’s just no harmony in that!

I then started to drink warm almond milk with maple syrup, Curcuma and ground ginger – which by all means is gorgeous! But when I then tried also to convince my family and friends and nobody liked it, I found out that I might be the only one adoring that. I think it is the very strong taste of Curcuma that most people do not feel comfortable drinking in the morning.

So I needed to find a lighter version – which I did by accident one very stressful morning. Still drowsy from last night I warmed some almond milk and maple syrup in a pot and without checking poured it in the next mug I could grab. That mug was not empty. It was half full with leftover mint tea – plus the worn out tea bag that gave that leftover tea a very strong minty taste.

When I took a good sip, I noticed that this mixture is the most fantastic combination. You have that sweet and soothing maple syrup PLUS that whole, nutty taste of almond milk PLUS the most refreshing flavor of strongly brewed mint tea.

When I then again tried to convince my family and those anti-Curcuma-friends of mine, everybody immediately liked or in some cases even loved it.

Since then this very green-colored warm beverage is the start to all of my vegan days – sometimes even to my beloved meat-days!

So to all those “ugh”-screamers I say: Try this! Or don’t – but then you will totally miss out on something very trendy. And you do not want to mess with your street cred‘.

For one mug of that green power you will need:

  • one to two cups of almond milk
  • one tbsp of maple syrup
  • 1-2 tea bags of mint tea, green tea or any other herbal tea you like
  • very little water (1/3 cup)
  • Chia seeds and cinnamon to garnish (optional)


  1. Bring water to boil and pour it over the teabag(s). Let rest for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile warm the almond milk and the maple syrup in a pot.
  3. Add the tea and leave on the stove until hot.
  4. You can also try to make almond milk foam if you like – for that you will need to separately warm a little bit of extra almond milk. As soon as you add the tea and the syrup, this will not be possible anymore.
  5. Pour that whole mixture in a mug and sprinkle with cinnamon and chia seeds.

Now prepare to be amazed and enjoy!




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